Oakland school combines science and reading to celebrate Nat’l Library Week, School Library Month

Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 8:11 AM EDT
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OAKLAND, Maine (WABI) - Imagine being a child learning about how large an eye of a sea creature can get... with the author of a book called Giant Squid.

Kid: “We always go down on the dock and we look in the ocean and we see thousands of little squids.”

That’s how 5th graders at William Elementary school spent their day when Mary Cerullo read her book to them to celebrate School Library Month.

kid: “It stands for vertical takeoff and landing. It lands like a helicopter, takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane.”

Reporter: Like many kids in the 5th grade, Cerrulo said that was when she started getting questions about what she would like to be when she grew up.

“Maybe I’ll be a nurse. Maybe I’ll be a meteorologist.”

Reporter: Ultimately, she became hooked on Oceanography.

Kid: “That’s what intrigues me about the ocean is there’s such great things out there.”

Reporter: Since she was a child she’s loved learning about marine life and loves teaching kids about the sea through her books including “Volcanoes, Where Fire and Water Meet and “The Truth About Dangerous Sea Creatures.”

“I just think there’s nothing more exciting and to see kids at this age where they’re starting to think about what am I going to do when I grow up? Just to be intrigued about something in science is so important.”

Important but she says science is also the ultimate adventure.

“If you can find a passion, that’s awesome. But also, if you want to challenge yourself to learn about something that you know nothing about. That’s what you do through reading. And you may find something that you didn’t expect that you would love.”

Reporter: Although challenging, science can be rewarding.

“Let’s face it, scientists don’t even agree with each other. And that’s the fun thing about studying the ocean. There’s just so much to learn.”

Kodichi Lawerance, WABI TV5 News, Oakland.

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