Ahead of surgery, Bangor woman shares what life is like with terminal illness

Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 5:24 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A Bangor woman battling ALS has been sharing her story for several years now since she was first diagnosed in 2019.

We first spoke with Tammy Michaels in the summer of 2020 about her mission to bring awareness and education to light though her positive outlook.

Thursday, she’ll be getting a major surgery to help her breathe which has opened her eyes to more the realities of living with a terminal illness.

ALS may not have been the journey Tammy expected but it’s the one she’s taken on with unwavering positivity for the greater good.

“The Disability Rights, the Ombudsman’s office, they’ve all been working so hard,” said Tammy.

She says they have all been working together to put her and her family in the best possible position for her tracheostomy surgery.

“It is quite an invasive procedure. There is the potential to prolong my life to be here with my family,” said Tammy.

“When you put so many restrictions on the qualifications that somebody in her situation, for instance, has to meet in order to be able to live, it makes it just an egregious situation,” said Davis Michaels, Tammy’s husband.

“It would be easier for me to choose death with dignity. It would automatically be approved and is it is easier than to fight to want to live. There’s also the risk that I may not survive after Thursday,” said Tammy.

We began sharing her story in 2020.

It’s something Tammy has been an open book about with her Facebook page Tamari’s adventure.

“I’m just praying that all hard work my ALS won’t be for nothing. I hope I don’t get brushed under the rug. I know that if I don’t wake up with a smile here, I’ll be smiling there and know that my job is complete,” said Tammy.

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