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Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 5:18 AM EST|Updated: Mar. 28, 2022 at 10:11 AM EDT
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Maine (WABI) - Poll questions and results.

“Should U.S. Congress enact a yellow flag law?”

We had 1,701 responses. 47% said yes, while 53% said no.

“Are you concerned about the spread of monkeypox?”

We had 2,559 responses. 20% said yes, while 80% said no.

“Have you seen any evidence of climate change?”

We had 2,561 responses. 44% said yes, 38% said no, while 18% said It’s difficult to tell.

“Did you adopt a rescue dog?”

We had 3,081 responses. 36% said yes, 26% said no, while 38% said I don’t have a dog.

“Do you support the U.S. Soccer Federation paying men’s and women’s soccer teams equally?”

We had 2,340 responses. 75% said yes, while 25% said no.

“Have you experienced browntail moth invasions on your property?”

We had 2,031 responses. 31% said yes, while 69% said no

“Have you or someone you know been impacted by the baby formula shortage?”

We had 2,179 responses. 21% said yes, while 79% said no.

“Should the federal government do more to combat domestic terrorism?”

We had 2,079 responses. 71% said yes, while 29% said no.

“How many social media apps do you actively use?”

We had 2,514 responses. 1% said more than 6, 8% said between 3 and 6, 53% said less than 3,

while 38% said none.

“Should the U.S. Senate pass the Women’s Health Protection Act?”

We had 2,325 responses. 49% said yes, while 51% said no.

“If COVID restrictions return, will that affect your travel plans for this summer?”

We had 2,445 responses. 18% said yes, while 82% said no.

“Should all schools in Maine return to universal masking?”

We had 2,958 responses. 32% said yes, while 68% said no.

”Are you a motorcycle rider?”

We had 3,131 responses. 23% said yes, while 77% said no.

“Should Maine’s Sunday hunting ban be lifted?”

We had 3,161 responses. 32% said yes, while 68% said no.

“Should masks be optional or mandatory on public transportation?”

We had 2,972 responses. 70% said optional, while 30% said mandatory.

“Should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade?”

We had 3,134 responses. 39% said yes, while 61% said no.

“Will you attend the Anah Shrine Circus in Bangor?”

We had 3,227 responses. 6% said yes, while 94% said no.

“Should Maine switch to semi-open primaries?”

We had 2,212 responses. 20% said yes, 36% said no, 44% said I don’t understand it.

“Do you think Twitter will improve under Elon Musk’s ownership?”

We had 2,748 responses. 60% said yes, while 40& said said no.

“Should coaches be allowed to pray with students?”

We had 2,928 responses. 82% said yes, while 18% said no.

“Should the U.S. invest more in nuclear power?”

We had 2,396 responses. 64% said yes, while 36% said no.

“Do you agree with Maine students getting free in-state Community College tuition?”

We had 3,981 responses. 47% said yes, while 53% said no.

“Do you think the federal mask mandates should be reinstated?”

We had 2,749 responses. 29% said yes, while 79% said no.

“Should Maine overhaul its Good Samaritan law?”

We had 1,495 responses. 47% said yes, while 53% said no.

“Do you agree with mask mandates being lifted for public transportation?”

We had 2,874 responses. 65% said yes, while 35% said no.

“Will you take the bus this week?”

We had 2,048 responses. 2% said yes, while 98% said no.

“Should COVID pooled testing continue until the end of the school year?”

We had 2,488 responses. 40% said yes, while 60% said no.

“Should out-of-state trash be banned from state-owned landfills?”

We had 2,754 responses. 95% said yes, while 5% said no.

“Should the federal public transportation mask mandate be extended?”

We had 2,706 responses. 35% said yes, while 65% said no.

“Should “ghost guns” be federally regulated?”

We had 2,262 responses. 52% said yes, while 48% said no.

“How far do you think the Red Sox will make it this year?”

We had 1,784 responses. 49% said Wild Card, 7% said ALDS, 8% said ALCS, while 36% said World Series.

“Will you get a second COVID booster shots?”

We had 2,820 responses. 40% said yes, 35% said no, 18% said I’m not vaccinated, while 4% said not eligible.

“Should females be allowed to play on male sports teams?”

We had 3,673 responses. 32% said yes, while 68% said no.

“Do you agree with the NFL’s new diversity coaching requirement?”

We had 2,060 responses. 19% said yes, while 81% said no.

“Should we get rid of mask mandates on public transportation?”

We had 2,919 responses. 66% said yes, while 34% said no.

“Should Will Smith’s Academy Award be revoked in light of his actions at the Oscars? "

We had 3,040 responses. 41% said yes, while 59% said no.

“Has your rent gone up in the past year?”

We had 2,517 responses. 16% said yes, 8% said no, while 67% said they don’t rent.

“Should the Senate confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?”

We had 5,016 responses. 41% said yes, while 59% said no.

“Should ranked choice voting be allowed in local Maine elections?”

We had 2,934 responses. 22% said yes, while 78% said no.

“Have you submitted your taxes yet?”

We had 2,361 responses. 59% said yes, while 41% said no.

“Do you believe trans women should be allowed to compete in sports?”

We had 3,271 responses. 16% said yes, while, 84% said no.

“What is your favorite season in Maine?”

We had 3,611 responses. 11% said spring, 33% said summer, 52% said fall, while 4% said winter.

“Should U.S. support a no-fly zone over Ukraine?”

We had 2,453 responses. 50% said yes, while 50% said no.

“Should women be able to get birth control without a prescription?”

We had 2,617 responses. 66% said yes, while 34% said no.

“Are you surprised Tom Brady came out of retirement?”

We had 2,381 responses. 14% said yes, while 86% said no.

“Should Maine implement track and trace standards for medical cannabis?”

We had 2,195 responses. 45% said yes, while 55% said no.

“Should Maine get rid of Daylight Saving Time?”

We had 4,288 responses. 67% said yes, 18% said no, while 15% said I don’t care.

“Should there be a statewide ban on sales of flavored tobacco products?”

We had 2,673 responses. 55% said yes, while 45% said no.

“Do you agree with Pres. Biden banning Russian energy imports?”

We had 2,859 responses. 86% said yes, while 14% said no.

“Should Maine suspend the gas tax for the remainder of 2022?”

We had 2,903 responses. 78% said yes, while 22% said no.

“Are you now paying more than $4 a gallon for gas?”

We had 2,369 responses. 65% said yes, while 35% said no.

“Are you changing your driving habits because of the high gas prices?”

We had 3,635 responses. 51% said yes, while 49% said no.

“What would you like to see Maine’s surplus money spent on?”

We had 2,847 responses. 44% said checks to taxpayers, 40% said repairing roads,

6% said improving broadband access, while 10% said other.

Should Maine lawmakers approve the governor’s proposed surplus checks?

We had 2,596 responses. 44% said no, while 56% said yes.

“Have you ever not reported a positive home test for coronavirus to the CDC?”

We had 2,591 responses. 31% said no, 11% said yes, while 58% said they’ve never done a home test.

“Will you stop purchasing Russian made products?”

We had 2,591 responses. 82% said yes, while 18% said no.

“Will you feel comfortable not wearing a mask in indoor public settings?”

We had 4,743 responses. 67% said yes, while 33% said percent saying no.

“Should U.S. troops be deployed to Ukraine?”

We had 2,881 responses. 18% said yes, while 82% said no.

“Should Maine offer student loan debt forgiveness for 1st time home buyers?”

We had 2,662 responses. 23% said yes, while 77% said no.

“How concerned are you about Russia invading Ukraine?”

We had 2,746 responses. 38% said very concerned, 21% said concerned, 19% said

somewhat concerned, while 22% said not concerned at all.

“Are you attending any of the H.S. Basketball tournament games?”

We had 2,295 responses. 8% said yes, while 92% said no.

“Have you seen your utility bill dramatically increase this year?”

We had 3,696 responses. 25% said yes, by around $30 per month, 33% said yes, more than $50 per month, 29% said yes, by more than $100 per month, while 13% said they saw no increase.

“Do you agree with Governor Mills offering free tuition to attend Maine community colleges?”

We had 3,169 responses. 40% said yes, while 60% said no.

“Are you more likely to support businesses that have mask mandates?”

We had 3,363 responses. 35% said yes, while 65% said no.

“Which would you rather receive on Valentine’s Day?”

We had 1,969 responses. 17% said candy, 18% said flowers, 34% said homemade cards, while 31% said heart-shaped pizza.

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

We had 2,563 responses, 80% said Bengals while 20% rooted for the winning team, the Rams.

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