Momo’s Cheesecake Bakery re-opens from national cream cheese shortage

Published: Jan. 8, 2022 at 7:19 PM EST
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ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - Momo’s Cheesecake Bakery in Ellsworth reopened Saturday after being forced to close for four days due to a national cream cheese shortage.

Momo’s uses about 300 lbs of Philadelphia brand cream cheese every week to create a variety of over 60 cheesecakes.

They ran out of cream cheese on December 30th due to the national shortage, and were forced to buy individual cream cheese packages from local grocery stores to fulfill their holiday orders.

On January 4th, Momo’s finally ran out of options and could no longer offer cheesecake by the slice.

Owners were left in the dark about when when their next shipment of cream cheese would come in.

Philadelphia brand cream cheese, owned by Heinz, is experiencing labor shortages in almost every part of the supply chain.

Despite the temporary shortage, Brenda Ledezma, better known as “Momo,” says that support from the community in this tough time has been amazing.

“They don’t care what flavor’s out there. They don’t care if there’s one slice or five hundred slices. They don’t care, they’ll take whatever’s out there. They’ve been ready to give their waistline a break, and they keep telling us we need a break too so maybe it’s meant to be,” said Ledezma.

While re-opening their doors Saturday, they have about 40 flavors to choose from.

They’re expecting another bulk shipment of cream cheese to be delivered on Monday, which will help them return to production as usual.

If the cream cheese shortage continues, the shop says they are prepared to bake other desserts to keep the shelves stocked and their customers happy.

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