Maine Senators King and Collins speak on Insurrection anniversary

Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 3:11 PM EST
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Maine (WABI) - Both Senators Susan Collins and Angus King vividly remember where they were that day.

“The most chilling chant that I heard that day was some of the rioters chanting, hang Mike Pence, hang Mike Pence,” said Senator Collins.

They both agreeing President Trump escalated the attack on the Capitol.

“He should’ve condemned what was going on,” said Collins.

“I think we are at a very dangerous moment, and the best way we can do it is to ensure the integrity of elections,” said Senator King.

The January 6th Commission is learning more about what happened that day, hoping to prevent it from happening again.

Senator King says to this day, President Trump has actively prevented information from being released, making the road ahead more challenging.

“They were misled, to put it most bluntly, and the former President has continued to do that. He’s gone to court to block any access to the records that are involved. My question is, if there’s no problem here, why block the records? You ought to be releasing the records unless there’s something that you don’t want people to know,” said Senator King.

Senator Collins says she is working with other lawmakers to potentially reform the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

She says there should be a clearer definition of the procedure to certify the results of an election.

“Under that law, it is unclear exactly what the powers are of the Vice President. It’s always been assumed that they are ministerial, but obviously, pressure was put on Vice President Pence to stop the count. I believe we need to amend that law to make clear and to see what changes need to be made to modernize it, to decrease the chances that this could ever happen again,” said Senator Collins.

“We shouldn’t be in a place in this country where we think we have to resort to violence in order to solve political problems,” said Senator King.

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