December 28th is National Chocolate Candy Day

Published: Dec. 28, 2021 at 5:41 PM EST
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BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - If you didn’t get enough sweets over the holiday weekend and were looking for a reason to indulge a little more, you’re in luck- Tuesday, December 28th is National Chocolate Candy Day.

And when you want to know about National Chocolate Candy Day, you go to the experts.

“Every day is candy day, you know, especially here at Ben & Bills,” said Yvonne Cote, who manages Ben & Bills Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor. “We had a crazy and incredible summer here, so it was candy galore all year.”

Ben & Bill’s knows chocolate candy- and candy in general- better than anyone. They make their own here, and with more than four-million visitors to Acadia National Park in 2021, it’s hard to say exactly how much candy they sold.

“I could not give you a number on that,” Cote said. “I can only say tons and tons of candy. A lot of candy.”

Ben & Bill’s stayed busy right through the holidays, but they were happy to take a little time to share with us a few things about candy we maybe didn’t know, including its health it’s benefits…

“Candy, actually, it’s a calming for the digestive system for sore throats, combined with spices and sugar.”

…and it’s history.

“Candy only appears in the purses and tissues of the wealthy,” said Cote, with a laugh. “But now it’s for everyone.”

And lest you think having National Chocolate Candy Day just three days after Christmas is a bit much, according to Ben & Bill’s, it’s not.

“Now this is definitely the right time for any kind of candy,” Cote said. “Everyone’s house is full of candy. We have sent an abundant amount of candy out through shipping, so I know there’s plenty of Ben & Bills boxes on a lot of kitchen tables.”

And if you’ve got a surplus of holiday candy left over, Cote said National Chocolate Candy Day is a good day to finish it up.

“Yes, and then come back in here and refill. That’d be awesome.”

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