Togus VA “Waving Man” welcomes healthcare workers every morning

Published: Dec. 23, 2021 at 3:49 PM EST
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CHELSEA, Maine (WABI) - A U.S. Army Veteran living right outside the Togus VA hospital has been dubbed “The Waving Man.”

A friendly demeanor, and a welcome to work has made him a popular man on campus.

“I’m just sitting here one morning about six o’clock and said there’s got to be something. I said I know what I’ll do, so I went down to the end of Independence Road here and just started waving to the employees,” said Tim Buckmore, the Waving Man.

Tim Buckmore was homeless for three years before Togus VA Hospital helped find him a home at the Cabin in the Woods right off campus.

It’s a small community for veterans in need of help.

In the past year, Tim has also had multiple health scares, including quadruple heart bypass surgery.

That procedure was paid for by the VA.

“It’s time someone showed some appreciation for them. I tell everybody be grateful for what we have. How many other countries take care of their veterans like this,” said Buckmore.

Now on the way to work, everyone makes sure to wave to the “Waving Man.”

“The VA actually emailed me directly and said, who is the gentleman at the end of the Cabin in the Woods road that is waving to everyone? More and more people ask who’s that gentleman that’s at the end of the road? We want to say hi to him every time. Yes please, wave, say hello, he’s doing it for your benefit,” said Nicole Frydrych, Community Coordinator for Cabin in the Woods.

“People ask me what do you want? What do you need? All I said is all I want, all I need is for people to be happy. I said there’s not enough of that in this world today,” said Buckmore.

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