Guilford Bed & Breakfast houses history and mystery

Victorian mansion on Elm Street has welcomed overnight guests for more than three decades
Published: Dec. 13, 2021 at 3:32 PM EST
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GUILFORD, Maine (WABI) - Charming is how many describe the Guilford Bed and Breakfast.

So much so, it was just named Most Charming rural B&B in central Maine” by LUX life magazine.

As Joy Hollowell shows us, the house itself has quite the history as well a some mystery.


Perched on a hill in Guilford, the Guilford Bed and Breakfast home was built at the turn of the century by the owner of Campbell Woolen Mills as a gift to his daughter.

Wendy and Michael Denney are the 13th owners, along with their dog, Snickers who personally greets each guest.

“It’s not just a business, this is also our house,” explains Wendy. “And we take really good care of it and our guests, they respond to that.”

There are five rooms- each one is named after a former owner of the historic home.

“This is the Cummings Room,” says Wendy walking into a large and stately suite.

It’s named after King Cummings who was president of the Guilford Woolen Mills. His parents lived in the house.

Wendy next walks into the Rose Room.

“There’s a little writing desk here because I like to encourage writers to come,” she says.

Each room transfers visitors back to Victorian times. You won’t find any televisions here.

“So for the family traveling together, this is the perfect room,” says Wendy, as the tour takes visitors into the Hudson Room, named after local attorney Henry Hudson.

Down the grand staircase is the main level, complete with original tin ceilings and a large dining room. There’s also a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. It’s also here in that guests learn about the famous fireplace.

Wendy unlocks the metal doors to reveal the ornate interior.

The back part of the embossed metal depicts a famous scene from Norse mythology. Odin the God of War embracing his wife, Frigg, the Goddess of Motherhood and Marriage. But the side panels are full of mini scenes. Are they Scandinavian hieroglyphics? Perhaps a treasure map? All Wendy knows is that they came with the original home.

“’And I’m just waiting for the guest to come along where I show them that ad they say- Oh, I can tell you what these are.

The Guilford Bed and Breakfast is busy year round with visitors from all over the map.

“That makes us feel like we’re not just doing our job but we’re doing a good job,” says Wendy, “And that makes a big difference.”


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