Norridgewock woman to offer donated toys to hundreds of Maine families

Published: Dec. 5, 2021 at 8:21 PM EST
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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (WABI) - Last year we introduced you to Shari Obert, a Norridgewock woman who collects hundreds of toys every Christmas season to make sure no kid goes without presents on Christmas morning.

With her Little Dreamers toy giveaway, she helped more than 60 families fill that space under the tree last year.

“And there’s almost 300 families that are in need of help this year,” said Obert.

These are parents all over Maine, some who are struggling to make sure their kids have something to unwrap on Christmas Day.

“A lot of them have been out of a job, out of a place to live. They have found Christmas has creeped up on them a lot faster than they were expecting,” said Obert.

This year she has a little more help filling that Christmas wish list.

Tons more people have been donating money or toys since the summer months.

And the Eagles Club in Skowhegan is offering their space to store the ever increasing number of toys.

“I bet we probably have I don’t know, 3,000 to 4,000? Maybe more,” said Obert.

Last year, Shari collected more than 1,000 toys, this year there is a literal mountain sitting here at the Eagles Club in Skowhegan, and this is only half of it.

On Saturday, December 11th, Shari will be offering more than just toys.

They also offer adult and children’s clothing as well as supplies for babies.

“There is no questions asked. They come here, they pick five toys, five stocking stuffers. I don’t need to know their business. I just need to know that their kids are going to have a good Christmas,” said Obert.

You can reach out to Shari Obert on Facebook if you need a little Christmas help this year, or want to help pitch in.

“I am really truly blessed. I can’t thank everybody enough for all the assistance and all the help and joining me to make these families have a better Christmas. There’s times I really want to cry because it’s really amazing,” said Obert.

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