Bust Your Butterball workout offers chance to ‘earn’ Thanksgiving feast

Published: Nov. 25, 2021 at 10:01 AM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - How are you feeling right now?

Are you a little full or are visions of leftovers dancing through your head?

TV5 caught up with a group of people who knew they were going to chow down...

But before they went in for seconds they got in a sweat...

“So we have a 90 minute workout called Bust your Butterball.”

Now in it’s 11th year, Gold’s Gym owner Melissa Smith offers the class.

“Years ago everyone was asking - will you teach on Thanksgiving, will you teach on Thanksgiving? I happened to not be doing anything that year. So I was like, sure I’ll teach on Thanksgiving and it just kind of snowballed into this big event.”

Dozens were all in on the 90 minute workout.

“Well, it’s a lot of guilt,” explained member Sam Rogers. “You know, if you’re going to eat a lot and do a lot of happy things on the holiday, you want to make sure you know you put your mind and body into it so you don’t have to pay the price later. So I’m looking forward to doing this. I’ve done it ever since this started.”

Eric Roy showed up because he knew the rest of his week looked like.

“Why not?” he said. “You can eat junk food all day junk food most a weekend. Why not burn it off, stay in shape. And keep it up? Keep at it.”

Stephanie too..

“Get my metabolism going so I can eat more, exercise before it gets started,” she said. “Earn it and then burn it and then eat some more.”

“A lot of a lot of jams and jellies,” said Smith. “You feel better. You don’t have that guilty feeling after you eat something bad. Like if you’ve come and got a workout in then maybe you don’t feel quite as bad. You shouldn’t feel bad anyway because Thanksgiving is a day that you’re allowed to overindulge and it’s okay, but if you like to balance it out, then we like to give me the chance to do that.”

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