Brewer Robotics Team hosting fundraiser ahead of new season

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 10:52 PM EDT
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BREWER, Maine (WABI) - The Brewer High School Robotics team, known as “Orange Chaos,” is hosting its eighth annual craft fair fundraiser this Saturday.

The team competes in global tournaments, and builds its own robots that perform various tasks and face off in games.

Money raised from Saturday’s fundraiser will go towards the team’s travel and new equipment.

“People are very talented out there and this is a way to show that they can do things with their hands,” said Tracy Hogan, a member of the “Mom Squad.”

“Most come here, they barely know what a screwdriver is, or pliers,” said Everett Bennett, the team’s lead mentor. “So, we go through all those things before they know it, and we have safety training for all that stuff. They’re using drills and impacts, and as they get older, we let them use more advanced equipment.

“One of the main things is learning how to see something, define what the problem or the issue is, and then start working towards what a possible solution is.”

The program teaches kids valuable skills, and has helped several alumni launch careers in the engineering industry.

“It teaches the kids teamwork,” said Hogan. “And I think that’s lacking in society, nobody wants to work together. But, you have to in this program.”

“I find it’s very good in the 3D design if they can make something and then they can print it and within half an hour they’re holding in their hand,” said Bennett. “And to me, that always leads to the next thing of, ‘How do I make this better?’”

Participants say they enjoy the competitive nature, and the team aspect.

“I love the competitions,” said Brewer High School senior Swaroop Handral. “I’m a competitive person at heart, I like the fast paced environment with each three minute round, it really gets the adrenaline running.”

“It’s been a couple slow seasons with everything being canceled, so we’re really anxious to get get into a new challenge designing a robot,” said Bennett. “In what we call the the offseason, this is the time when we want to teach the students and learn.

“That’s the kind of thing that just really blows me away. When you see high school students working on vision tracking, and just that level of automation and control, just unbelievable.”

Handral says it’s more than a team - it’s a family.

“I really do cherish the bonds I’ve made. I really like to treat this as like a family and I really hope that more people do join.”

The Craft Fair is this Saturday from 9-3 at the Brewer Community School. You can find out more information on Brewer Robotics Orange Chaos on their website and their Facebook page.

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