Halloween display in Belgrade shows off creative side of the holiday

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 5:23 PM EDT
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BELGRADE, Maine (WABI) -Now here’s something to smile about!

A Belgrade man has been decorating his yard for Halloween every year for the last decade.

”It’s just been getting bigger and bigger. Everyone says every year I outdo myself.”

Aaron Feldmus, also known as “Scarin’ Aaron,” loves Halloween.

During his interview my camera lens kept fogging up, was it the chill in the air, or something else?

“My birthday is the 30th, so Halloween has always been something that even growing up was special to me. The creativity is a lot of it. And just seeing the smile on kids faces and the joy it brings to people.”

Aaron says he’s been preparing since early September, and has over 60 hours invested in setting it all up.

“There’s a few other things that didn’t even get put out this year because we ran out of room. A lot of them I made myself. The man eating plants I’ve done myself.”

The carnivorous plants are reminiscent of the blood-hungry plant “Audrey II” from the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”

“Yeah I call them Fraudreys.”

There’s a huge variety of decorations, big and small.

“Little bit of quirkiness, a little bit of whimsicalness about them.”

He wants to share the fun with everyone, inviting the public to visit his yard on Guptill Road in Belgrade.

“Stop by, park if you want on the side of the road, walk around, look, take pictures, post, let everybody know.”

And if spooky isn’t your style, come back in a few months.

“The wife loves Christmas so we decorate for Christmas. She plans our the Christmas displays I plan out the Halloween displays. We both put quite a bit of effort into it.”

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