It’s been 84 years since Brady Gang, FBI shootout in Bangor

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 4:58 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Tuesday marks 84 years since the shootout on Central Street in Bangor between the FBI and the Brady Gang.

An observance was held right in front of the memorial on Central Street that signified the events on Oct. 12, 1937.

Gerry Palmer and Dick Shaw hosted the event Tuesday morning

Alfred Brady, known to the FBI at the time as “public enemy no.1,” was gunned down in Bangor after leaving a trail of robberies and murder in the Midwest.

In years passed, balloons were released that signified the victims, but due to a new Maine law, bells were rang instead.

Two rings on the cowbell for the gang members that were killed and a third for a member who was arrested.

Three rings from the another bell to honor the authorities who caught the gang.

“It was quite the event, and it’s Dick and I growing up in Bangor, that’s all we heard about from our parents was this event,” said Palmer, Bangor historian

“It was like, to me it was the Kennedy assassination and the Challenger explosion with the space shuttle. But in my mother’s time, she knew exactly where she was downtown when Al Brady was shot,” said Shaw, Bangor historian.

The ceremony concluded at the Mount Hope Cemetery to revisit Brady’s grave.

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