Learning the sounds of fire safety

This is National Fire Prevention Week
Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 3:27 PM EDT
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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - As the weather continues to cool down, many Mainers will start stoking up the wood stoves.

This is National Fire Prevention Week.

Joy Hollowell spoke with the Hampden Fire Department about the sounds of fire safety.


“You should have at least one smoke detector on every living floor of your residence.” says Lt. Chris Liepold, lieutenant for Hampden Public Safety.

The same goes for carbon monoxide detectors.

Fire fighters say it’s especially important to know what your alarms are telling you.

Three loud beeps mean there’s smoke or fire. four loud beeps means carbon monoxide is present in your home.

A single chirping sound every 30 to 60 seconds means the battery is low and needs to be changed.

“Typical smoke detectors usually have an operating life of about 12 years,” says Liepold. “Your combination detector like smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors, usually about a 7 year manufacture life. There’s a manufacturing date on the back of those that will give you an idea of when it was manufactured.”

And don’t forget about making a fire escape plan.

“It’s as simple as drawing a map of your house and making two ways out of that residence. And then practicing that plan,” says Lieopold.

And that includes closing all windows and doors as you leave the house.

“It contains the fire in its location and reduces the risk of that fire spreading to other areas of the home,” he explains.

Most newer homes are hard wired for alarms. “You can buy detectors that are blue tooth, they’re wireless, they’ll integrate together.” That way when one detector goes off, they all go off and it notifies everyone in the house.”

“Of the incidents where we see people get injured or potentially even die in house fires, it’s because they didn’t have operating smoke detectors. It’s because they didn’t have operating carbon monoxide detectors. These things truly do save lives.”


The American Red Cross has partnered with fire departments around the state to provide free smoke alarms for those unable to afford one.

For more information, contact your local fire department.

For those with hearing issues, there are smoke alarms and alert devices that include strobe lights.

Special pillow or bed shakers that work with your alarms are also available.

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