Picnic on the water? Winthrop man builds motorized tables

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 6:03 PM EDT
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WINTHROP, Maine (WABI) - A Winthrop man has found a business niche selling motorized floating picnic tables.

”This is quickly evolving into another full time job.”

Lon Cameron’s day job is as a physicians assistant, but ever since he built a motorized picnic table out of his old dock on a whim, another opportunity has presented itself.

“Everybody was like, oh my gosh, you need to market this, you need to make more of these. You need to figure out a way to do it because this is amazing, and it should be available to the world.”

Lon doesn’t claim to be the first to create a picnic table/boat combination, but he’s continued to work on his design and has sold sixteen so far.

“Rather than being a boat where everybody is usually all facing the same way, we sit opposite each other and can have conversation and play cards or games. Just enjoy each other’s company in a different way from any other watercraft.”

He’s launching a website soon under the name Maine Float and plans to let people customize their own craft.

“Whether it’s a different color umbrella or if they want storage capacity or if they want a solar panel to charge the deep cycle battery versus a maintainer.”

He’s applied for a patent and worked out the legal matters, like getting the tables registered as watercraft. He’s selling them starting around $2,800.

“Kind of been puttering around, came up with a base package that works really well, so I’m hoping to just take that and move forward with it.”

You won’t win any races, but Lon says there’s no better way to relax on the water.

“This is just super turn key and user friendly, so it really speaks to everybody.”

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