Milford Fire buying its own ambulance

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 3:58 PM EDT
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MILFORD, Maine (WABI) - The chief of Milford Fire and Rescue tells TV5 they have big plans for the future of the department.

TV5 spoke with him about the work to keep their people and their things safer.

“Since the beginning of time, Old Town’s been covering us for ambulance service,” said Chief Josh Mailman.

When there is an emergency in Milford, it’s Old Town’s ambulances that normally respond to the call because Milford doesn’t have it’s own. Mailman says it’s time for a change.

“With the call volumes continually increasing, last year was our busiest year that we’ve had on record, 509 calls last year, it’s just, it’s got to the point where the two ambulances in Old Town just can’t handle the call volume for their entire area. "

The price tag on a new ambulance is around a quarter of a million dollars. The chief says that’s probably about three years down the line. In the meantime, Milford is in the process of negotiating a price with Old Town to buy one of their ambulances.

“We’re trying to utilize the resources we have the best way that we possibly can, and waiting when you have someone that’s having chest pain or some sort of a possible heart attack, you don’t want to be waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance to come out of Bangor when there’s an ambulance here,” he said.

There are multiple hurdles to clear to get the approval to make the purchase, so Mailman is figuring it won’t happen until the middle of next year. What will happen before that is getting a sprinkler system installed in the building that houses the town office and fire department. A building that was built in the 70s and now being used in a different way.

“We didn’t have firefighters staying here all the time in 1973,” said Mailman. “There was an additional bay built on, so now we have not only the firefighters are staying here whose safety is paramount for us, but also we have millions of dollars worth of assets in this in this building as well as a lot of vital records and stuff in the town office and what not that we really want to protect.”

It’s all made possible through a federal grant they were just recently awarded.

“It’s $95,238, and the town’s portion that we have to put into to this project is about $4,700, so they get our buildings sprinkled for $4,700. We’d be foolish not to accept that.”

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