Waterville mayor offers to work a shift at local businesses

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 5:43 PM EDT
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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - ”Regular mom and pop scrambling for employees, everyone is scrambling for employees.”

Waterville Mayor Jay Coelho wants to help businesses in the city by showcasing the jobs that are available.

“I’ll go jump on a roof, I’ll go stand outside with a flag, I don’t care. I want to try it all. When your community leaders are engaged, it’s just good for everyone.”

When he posted about his plan on Facebook, it got a big response.

“It gives me an opportunity to talk to business owners, see what’s going on, see what their challenges are. I’ve already got three jobs scheduled for September. I’m talking to about seven other people.”

His first shift will be mid-September with Waterville Florist and Formal Wear on Main Street. Manager Ashley Ann Ferris says she loves the idea.

“We wanted to jump right on board. We always need help with deliveries. There’s three of us that are full time, and we’re stretched thin.”

Coelho isn’t accepting a wage for his shifts. Instead, he’s encouraging businesses to donate it to local nonprofits. Waterville Florist will be donating to KVCAP bus service.

“And on top of that, 50% of all deliveries will also go to that as well.” says Ashley. “We don’t deliver just locally. We’re all the way out into Belgrade or South China. Or you might find yourself out in Skowhegan or Clinton.”

Coelho says he’s looking forward to it and will be documenting the experience.

“It’s going to be nice to be a part of.” he says.

“Having the mayor here is going to help a lot.” says Ashley. “It will hopefully entice people to want to come and join our team and brighten peoples days.”

“If you’re an employer in this city and you need help, call.” says Coelho. “I’m ready to help.”

You can reach Waterville City Hall at 207-680-4200

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