Bangor restaurant offers Nashville vibe with live music, axe throwing

Smoke and Steel opens next week.
Restaurant offers Nashville vibe with live music, axe throwing
Restaurant offers Nashville vibe with live music, axe throwing(WABI)
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 4:52 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Dinner and a show.

That’s essentially the business model for a restaurant that’s opening soon in Bangor.

TV5 stopped by Smoke and Steel to learn more about this unique endeavor.

“We tag it as the most exciting restaurant in Bangor,” said co-owner Greg Hawes.

In order to earn that title, Smoke and Steel will combine BBQ, live music and axe throwing.

“I think the idea that, having all this stuff kind of mingle together and going on just provides entertainment for people coming in, whether you’re sitting at the bar, whether you’re dining, or whether you’re throwing axes, like there’s just really a lot going on a lot to watch,” added co-owner Chris Jones.

The Stillwater Avenue location came available after the previous owners renovated the space for a Japanese restaurant - which was ultimately abandoned. So, opportunity knocked, and these guys answered.

“This would have been a venture that I would have had to think a lot more about if, what do you think, 60 - 70% of the build out wasn’t already here,” said Hawes.

With that head start, they set out to re-create a Nashville vibe. Live music, good food, and of course, axe throwing.

“I mean, in Bangor there are certain things that you can do, you know, there’s bowling, and there’s probably a couple cornhole bars and stuff like that, but there was no big axe throwing venue,” he explained. “It’s a rapidly growing sport.”

The axe throwing lanes will require a reservation through Smoke and Steel’s website and are separate from dining, although they are more than happy for you to do both.

“There’s actually a lot of stuff going on, stuff for you to watch, you know, so while you’re waiting for your food and stuff, you’ll be watching people throw axes and then ultimately might decide that you want to throw axes, and then you’d be able to do that,” said Jones.

“We’ve got a beautiful American flag behind the stage over there, we got an extra 100 people chucking deadly weapons, music will be playing, it should be a very lively atmosphere,” said Hawes.

The plan is to have a few private events to work out the kinks with the newly hired staff and open their doors to the public next week.

Click here for more information about Smoke and Steel.

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