Creative writing paves path to recovery

Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center in Bangor holds a creative writing contest.
Offers those in recovery an outlet.
Offers those in recovery an outlet.(WABI)
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 4:06 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Each year, the Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center in Bangor holds a creative writing contest.

The winners will be announced in a ceremony later this week.

Ahead of the unveiling, TV5 asked several people involved in the project, why creative writing?

“It’s like exhilarating,” explained Alanna Skye Lindsey, who is among the writers who submitted work for this year’s contest and was selected for inclusion in Periscope, a collection of pieces that Together Place publishes.

“I submitted a short story about a girl whose home grows from a seed, kind of, based on my experiences with homelessness,” she said.

Alanna offered to read a passage from her piece, “Her parents had gone into the tangled forest and never come out. Sometimes that happens to people. She knew she would never see them again, but she held on to her hopes.”

“A big part of recovery is art and creative writing as an art,” said Together Place Program Director, Jacquie Wilks. “You get to tell you a story and the mental recovery that you get through it.”

“There are studies that show that people who engage in creative expression, that helps them sustain their recovery over the long term,” said Executive Director Sean Faircloth.

One of the people it’s helped sustain recovery for is Elizabeth Mikotowicz.

“You’re not just focusing on your trauma and your triggers,” she explained. “You have something to do that isn’t chaotic. It’s actually stimulating for your mind and helps you get through it.”

She submitted a piece of poetry.

“Oh, silly girl with your ups and your downs, you fly so high, can’t seem to calm down, take your meds they all say,” she read. “Stop sleeping so much, they all think they know they all have their hunch.”

Together Place will hold their award ceremony for this year’s winners on Friday afternoon at 3. The event is open to the public.

“And every year we’re hoping our community comes together because I think it shouldn’t be just sort of the recovery movement is some place over there, somebody else’s problem.”

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