Colby College site of “fundamentally transformative” construction projects

Over $125 million in improvements
Colby College Construction
Colby College Construction
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 6:10 PM EDT
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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) -Colby College in Waterville is buzzing with activity this summer as construction crews work all over campus.

Several of the projects were slated for last year but were paused as the school evaluated the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s happening now this summer is a fundamental transformation of this campus. When our students come back they’re going to see and realize the impacts of these changes on their experience here.”

Colby College is investing heavily in academic programs, infrastructure upgrades, and the student experience.

Brian Clark, Colby College Vice President of Planning, says summer is always a time for construction, but this year there’s a lot more than usual. “In total we’ve got more than $125 million dollars worth of construction projects underway both on campus here on Mayflower hill as well as on Main Street in Downtown Waterville.”

New athletic fields are expected to be completed this summer and the college is working to reduce the concentration of vehicles on the campus interior.

“We want people to take advantage of the beautiful campus and the outdoors that we have.”

Several road are being converted into pedestrian areas, and some parking lots have been moved to the periphery.

“It’s fundamentally transformative for this campus. You’re now in a place where you won’t hear vehicles, you won’t hear the idling of trucks.”

Colby College’s biggest academic capital project ever is also underway.

“This is the site of the Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts. This is a 72,000 square foot facility for theatre and dance for music for cinema studies.”

It will complement the Schupf Art Center under construction on Main St. in providing modern facilities for the arts.

“It really drives economic activity, it enhances quality of life here and it provides great opportunities for our students.”

Countless other upgrades are designed to support sustainability and modernize outdated elements.

“We’re on a campus that has utilities and infrastructure that is original to our campus, in some cases almost 100 years old.”

Local construction companies and contractors are working hard to complete most of the work by the time the fall semester begins.

“With the exception of some major capital projects such as the Gordon center which will be opening in Fall of 2023.”

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