Monmouth Fair ends, fair season just beginning

Published: Jun. 26, 2021 at 5:31 PM EDT
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MONMOUTH, Maine (WABI) - The first fair to be held in-person in Maine since before the pandemic wrapped up Saturday evening.

“We’ve had huge crowds everyday and the people are very excited to be out.” said Diana Morgan, President of the Monmouth Fair Association.

Arthur MacIsaac brought his two kids, seeking a good time. He was a little disappointed that not all of the rides were running Saturday, but was glad to be there nonetheless. “Haven’t been able to get out for over a year, just something for the kids to have fun, family, and fair food, you can’t beat it.”

Everything you’d expect to see at a Maine fair could be found at the Monmouth Fair, from farm animals to contests and more.

Workers like Abby Whiteowl say it’s been great to be back on the fairway.

“We’re still getting some that are cancelling here and there, but for the most part people want to be out.”

““It’s awesome to see everyone around here smiling and enjoying themselves.” said Susan Jones, a Farmington resident. “It’s going to be the first of as many fairs as we can get to this summer, that’s our goal.”

Families filled the fairgrounds, and kids clutched their hard won prizes.

“They come up and they’ll try, and to see them light up when they get a prize, that’s the best part of it.” said Whiteowl.

“We’ve been playing games, eating food, and having a lot of fun.” Wesley came to the fair with his sister and grandparents.

“We thought we’d come up today and do a few things, get them out of their parents hair for a while.” said Link Merill. “It’s been fun, see some people that we know, which is nice.”

Organizers say they’re grateful for the community support.

“Glad that we could get a good kickoff to the 2021 Agricultural fair season.” said Morgan.

The Monmouth Fair ran from Wednesday through Saturday including rides, music, food, an exhibition hall and events like tractor, horse and oxen pulling, baby contest, frying pan toss and log hauling. Everyone attending was asked to comply with current CDC guidance concerning masks and social distancing.

About two dozen more fairs are planned in Maine, ending with the Fryeburg fair in October.

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