Elderly dog rescued from culvert in Hampden

Published: Jun. 25, 2021 at 5:13 PM EDT
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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) -Hampden Public Safety received an unusual call from a resident Wednesday for help rescuing their elderly dog, Ona.

”She wandered off and we weren’t quite sure where she was.”

Emily Barrington says she was worried when her family’s dog, Ona, went missing Wednesday evening.

“She’s a rescue, we’ve had her for about fifteen years, she was a year old when we got her.”

Nearly blind and deaf, Ona hadn’t wandered far.

Emily’s husband looked in a culvert near the edge of their property and spotted Ona, huddled out of reach down the pipe.

“She couldn’t get up and she was whimpering a little bit.”

They called for help when it became clear that Ona couldn’t navigate out of the long pipe on her own.

Lt. Matt St. Pierre with the Hampden Fire Department responded.

“We grabbed what we thought we might need, this isn’t a normal call for us.”

Lt. St. Pierre and a partner assessed the situation when they arrived, and worked to free Ona.

“Wasn’t stuck, it was just weak and immobile in there. I was able to crawl into the culvert up to my ankles while my partner pushed from the other side with a long pole we have for scraping out chimney liners. It has a boxed end on it and gave us a little bit of surface area just to kind of nudge it my direction to get it with the catch pole that we brought.”

“Once they got her out she went right back to being normal dog didn’t seem bothered by it at all.” said Barrington.

“It’s really important to me I’m a dog person I have multiple dogs I rescue dogs.” said Lt. St. Pierre. “I know that my dogs are a part of my family just like most people’s pets are.”

“We’re very very grateful and thankful for Hampden Public Safety.” said Barrington.

“We’re here to help.” said Lt. St. Pierre. “Sometimes the help is an EMS call, sometimes it’s a fire. When people call it’s just our business to say ‘we’ll see what we can do.’”

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