Health officials give tips so you and your family can have a safe, healthy summer

Northern Light Surgery and Trauma has developed a list of helpful tips to keep kids of all ages safe this summer.
Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 5:38 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - School is out for summer and that means many families are itching to get outdoors.

TV5 spoke with a health expert at Northern Light Health for some tips on how we can stay safe while having fun in the sun.

Whether it’s taking a dip in a neighborhood pool, putting some miles on a bike, or mowing that pesky lawn - health experts want folks to be safe during these carefree summer days.

That’s why the Northern Light Surgery and Trauma team has developed a list of helpful tips to remember before heading outside.

Two products you don’t want to be without - sunscreen and bug spray.

Health officials say you should consider using an insect repellent containing DEET to help prevent insect-related disease.

However, it is not recommended for everyone.

“I think the biggest thing with the DEET repellents is if you’re two months of age or younger, it’s not recommended to use those,” said Anna Moses, Trauma Nurse Coordinator for Northern Light Health Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Experts say you should avoid using any kind of sunscreen or insect repellent combination. That’s because, sunscreen needs to be applied every two hours, while insect repellent only needs to be applied once a day.

Health officials also urge caution when it comes to mowing the lawn.

“Wear hearing protection if you have it and eye protection. Rocks do fling out of the lawn mowers,” she said.

If you plan on digging out your bike this summer, make sure you have a helmet that will protect you from serious injury. That goes for adults, too.

“You want it to be sitting level on your head. You want to be able to when you look up to see it at your forehead,” she said.

Maine is also known for some of the best hiking spots. Before hitting the trails, make sure you have a plan in place.

“Know where you’re going. Make sure somebody knows where you are and what time you’re expect back.”

And, if you’re version of ‘hitting the trails’ involves riding an ATV or another off-road vehicle, use caution.

“They come with seatbelts,” said Moses. “A lot of people don’t wear the seatbelts or helmets because they have the rails up around them and I think we feel more protected. They’re fun but we need to take that extra second and think about staying safe.”

A full list of summertime safety tips can be found here.

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