Fairfield business provides baked goods for over 60 years

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 5:35 PM EDT
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FAIRFIELD, Maine (WABI) - A business in Fairfield has been operating for over 60 years, providing locals and tourists with freshly baked goods.

The business has passed from father to son during that time.

“My father started it about 60 years ago. There’s no real records back then, and I was too young to know,” said Larry Hillman, Hillman’s Bakery owner.

Larry’s father, Lawrence Hillman, grew his fledgling bakery into a community staple.

Larry grew up surrounded by baking and took on more responsibility over time.

“I’d come in for a couple hours and help him make doughnuts, then I’d go to school,” Larry said.

Larry’s father passed away 28 years ago, which is when he officially took over.

There’s a relaxed, family atmosphere among the staff and the customers.

”I mean, I’ve been here 27 years, so I would recognize a lot of faces,” said Theresa Rogers, cake decorator.

“I had my son Jason work here. He was a baker. And my granddaughter, Domika, she was a baker, too,” said Sharon Stowe, a baker who has been at Hillman’s Bakery for 28 years.

“Both my daughters worked here. My granddaughter worked here until she was eighteen,” Rogers said.

“I’ve had a lot of good employees over the years,” Larry said.

But, Larry says it’s getting harder to find staff, and he’s hoping to find someone to train to take over the business when he does decide to retire.

“I have three children but none of them are really interested in it, they’ve got their own careers,” Larry said.

Business also slowed during the pandemic, but Larry says he’s glad things are picking up again.

“There’s a lot of people it brings joy to, to make them their special birthday cake or special treats,” Larry said.

You can find Hillman’s Bakery at 16 Western Avenue in Fairfield.

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