Family farm in Whitefield featured on Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 6:02 PM EDT
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WHITEFIELD, Maine (WABI) - A small family farm in Whitefield has seen widespread attention now.

It comes after appearing on a recent episode of the National Geographic series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted.

Lauren Pignatello has been running Swallowtail Farm & Creamery in the village of Coopers Mills since 2002. With the help of her husband and seven children, the tiny farm has made a name for itself.

“Earned enough money to buy a family cow. Started going to farmers markets, my husband built us a creamery. We won the 2015 American Cheese society awards for our yogurt, Greek yogurt and cheese. Word got out that we make the best butter.”

When she was contacted about the possibility of a famous chef coming to their farm for the National Geographic show Gordan Ramsey: Uncharted, she was far from starstruck.

“I really didn’t know who he was quite? I’d heard his name. So they came and filmed in September, it was really fun.”

Pignatello jokes that Ramsay almost certainly already knew how to make butter.

“I’m sure that he knows how to make butter, but he didn’t know how to make butter the way that we make butter.”

Then, a few months after filming, their farm stand was destroyed.

“Someone sadly came along and destroyed it with their tractor. That was back in February. The community came out and helped in every way they could so we were able to rebuild.”

The episode, titled “The Maine Ingredient” was released earlier this month on Disney+ and other streaming platforms.

Pignatello says she’s grateful for the influx of business the show has brought her and hopes it might encourage more people to buy local.

“Any way to get the word out on local food, and small cottage business and support your neighbor and support your community is really where it’s at.”

You can find their farm stand at 98 Main Street in Whitefield, or learn more about them at their website.

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