Back to baseball, Mansfield Stadium opens again with fans

Sights and sounds of opening day in Bangor
Back to baseball, Mansfield Stadium opens again with fans
Back to baseball, Mansfield Stadium opens again with fans
Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 11:23 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - For the first time in almost two years Bangor’s historic Mansfield Stadium had a baseball game, with fans allowed, and there is just something about baseball...

Take me out to the ballgame

“It’s great right now we don’t care what the weather is it’s baseball, says Mansfield Stadium Field Director Ron St. Pierre, “We spent the last two weeks really hustling, trying to get the field in as good a condition as we possibly can. Actually, it’s in great condition right now.”

Take me out with the crowd.

“The whole year Bangor hasn’t seen any live sports game with a crowd. Baseball is the first time we were able to do it since we were outside,” says Bangor pitcher Brad McLaughlin, “Just a lot of energy coming into the game.”

The return to Mansfield Stadium. The return to the summer home for so many baseball fans and players alike.

“Just great, the sound, the sound is great,” says baseball fan Will Farnham, “Good to see the players out there running and hustling. Oh yes, this is it.”

The hard year away,

“Oh yeah I’ve been waiting the year to pitch off the mound in a real game,” says Bangor pitcher Colton Trisch, “So I was really excited to get off the mound finally.”

makes opening day means so much more. Even if you’re only there to catch foul balls

“Hey what do you think? Really good,” says baseball fan Rusty Mutty, “That worked out? Yeah. What a catch right there.... thank you! That was pretty awesome? Feeling good now? Yeah. Back to baseball huh? Yeah, I might even give this to my dog.”

Whatever brings you to baseball, it’s back.

“It’s been a year since high school game obviously,” says McLaughlin, “I don’t know I just really enjoyed being out there.”

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