Boy’s alerting scream saves little sister from drowning

Published: Mar. 6, 2021 at 1:12 PM EST
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KOVR) - A boy in California is being called a hero after his actions led to help arriving in time to save his little sister from drowning.

“It’s kind of a blur to me because it seemed like the timing was forever, but I’m sure it was just minutes,” Diana Conboy said.

Eight-year-old Tino was playing with his 18-month-old sister Cami when he noticed it was quiet. He looked up and realized Cami had wandered out of the house.

“I looked at the pool, and then I saw Cami in there,” Tino said.

Upon finding his sister unresponsive in the pool, Tino yelled for his mom. Conboy, a nurse, rushed to the pool, pulled Cami out and started CPR while Tino called 911.

“That’s when she was able to throw up and start breathing,” Conboy said. “That’s when I saw signs of life.”

Conboy says she was able to get to Cami in time thanks to Tino’s alerting scream, a scream he says he learned from Cami.

“Basically, Cami gave her power to me, and then I had the power to scream. And then Mom came over and jumped in and got Cami out,” Tino said.

Conboy says she’s impressed with Tino’s composure during the incident.

“He was so calm and collected,” Conboy said. “You know, he called 911, gave them our address, told them to get here immediately.”

A locked gate now blocks off the family’s pool and Conboy hopes her story serves as a reminder that learning CPR can save a life.

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