Birch Syrup industry gets recognition with newly proposed bill

New bill looks to regulate birch syrup industry.
New bill looks to regulate birch syrup industry.(WMTW)
Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 3:02 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - A new bill before Maine lawmakers would regulate a new industry here, Birch Syrup.

Temple Tappers in the town of Temple is the state’s only commercial producer of birch syrup.

“Yeah, we’ve been sort of saying, hey you know, Maine could kind of grab this. Like the branding Vermont has on Maple that Maine could have on Birch,” said Michael Romanyshyn, Owner of Temple Tappers.

Similar to Maple Syrup, it can be used for many things.

“The famous things are glazes like salmon, you know fish, meat, vegetable glazes, toppings on ice cream, mixed drinks,” said Romanyshyn.

Maine has the second largest number of birch trees in the country behind only Alaska.

Lawmakers are now looking to regulate the industry here in Maine.

“Absolutely, it’s wonderful some of the things we can do legislatively to help these industries to promote it. It’s another natural resource we have in the state of Maine and anything we can do to promote those natural resources and shop local,” said State Representative MaryAnne Kinney.

In a committee hearing Thursday, everyone showed interest in the proposed bill.

“There was a lot of interest, which was very encouraging, and for me, that’s the main thing. But what it needs is some assistance and collaboration from the state in like research and development,” said Romanyshyn.

More work is needed, but this bill is a promising first step.

“There could be some planning and thinking about how you know, how many people could be involved in it and maybe not just a few big landowners,” said Romanyshyn.

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