Mainer launches website remembering Great Ice Storm of ’98

Historic storm knocked out power to more than 1 million customers across New England
Website  dedicated to the ice storm of 1998
Website dedicated to the ice storm of 1998
Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 10:47 PM EST
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WELLS, Maine (WMTW) - For Isaiah Mosher, the Great Ice Storm of 1998 is the weather event in which all nor’easters, squalls and downpours are measured against.

In early January 1998, a powerful ice storm caused unprecedented damage to communities across the North East United States and eastern Canada. In Maine alone, roughly 700,000 customers lost power, many for several days, with a thick coating of ice gripping trees, powerlines and practically every outdoor surface.

Mosher was a high school student when the storm hit and remembers it most for prompting what effectively became an extended Christmas break.

Inspired by news of recent winter weather and ice storms moving across the U.S., Mosher has launched a website commemorating the now-infamous ’98 storm.

“When we did get out power back, it was sort of this community event where we had people coming over to take showers at our house,” Mosher said, thinking back to how he and his neighborhood passed the time waiting for the lights to come back on.

The webpage is selling a collection of “I survived the ice storm” merchandise, with Mosher planning to use the proceeds to fund Camp Kita.

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