Glassblowing artist looks to open a new studio with Waterfall Arts in Belfast

Glassblowing studio is working to open in Belfast this spring.
Glassblowing studio is working to open in Belfast this spring.(Owen Kingsley)
Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 4:25 PM EST
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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) - A glassblowing studio that will be open to the public is in the works in Belfast.

David Jacobson used to work out of a studio in Montville where he worked professionally after years perfecting his craft.

But when COVID-19 hit his business took a hit too.

His glass blowing classes became harder to teach with safety restrictions in place.

“You could come in and make something, a vase, a bowl, whatever. Well that got killed obviously with COVID. There was no way it could work. So that complete part of my business was shut down. Plus the galleries that sell to in the very beginning, they closed down,” said Jacobson.

So he looked for a new way to continue doing what he loves, that’s when the partnership with Waterfall Arts began.

He sold his Montville studio, and moved all his equipment to Belfast.

“He went through this entire hour of just showing me, I knew nothing about glass blowing. And it just blew my mind. By October 5th we had all the equipment in here. And we just started ripping downstairs apart,” said Kim Fleming, Waterfall Arts Executive Director.

“I mean this room was a fallout shelter. We ripped up the floor. There was vinyl tiling in here. It’s like a complete renovation, it’s like renovating your home,” said Jacobson.

And now Jacobson has found his new home, with hopes of finishing the renovations this spring.

And perhaps, class may be back in session soon.

“We keep developing different ideas for classes. And everybody is on board. Just can’t wait to get started,” said Jacobson.

You can keep up with the progress of the public studio at and on social media.

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