Mainers talk about state of the country, Bangor native talks about D.C. experience

It’s been an emotional following the events that transpired at the nation’s capital on Wednesday.
We spoke to people in downtown Bangor about how they feel about America right now.
We spoke to people in downtown Bangor about how they feel about America right now.(WABI)
Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 7:47 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - It’s been an emotional following the events that transpired at the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

Friday, we spoke to Mainers about how they’re feeling right now.

“I’m just disappointed in the way things are going and I think we can do better,” said Paul Greene of Newport.

Disappointment and sadness are emotions it seems a lot of people are feeling right now.

“If you go on anywhere social media right now, you see people turning on each other over political views. You see brother against brother, sister against sister, friendships getting ruined over politics, everybody is going out of their mind and I’m just waiting for a time when America is going to wake up and realize, united we stand and divided we fall. Because, obviously, right now, we’re falling pretty far,” said Jordan Sheppard of Milo.

“I feel very disheartened that that happened from people in American. I kind of made me just very disheartened and sad. Sad way to start the new year,” said Victoria Haskell of Bangor.

“I think it’s really predictable. Mismanagement and misinformation spread has caused a lot of people to be confused in my opinion and it’s caused a lot of chaos. We’re very virtual right now and misinformation and disinformation spread has gotten a lot worse with social media in the last several years and a lot of people don’t understand that,” said Emma Smith of Bangor.

We stopped people on the streets of downtown Bangor to gather reactions to what transpired during a protest in Washington D.C. earlier this week.

“In watching what transpired, I was embarrassed for the United States, wondering what other countries were going to think of us. I do think the differences among most people are very slight and that we will all get together at some point and get some what back to normal,” said Maureen Greene of Newport.

“I think we’re going through a lot of turmoil that has been projected by the government itself. More importantly the person that’s directly in charge of the government or should be in charge,” said Adam Daniels of Bangor.

“What I saw on the news messed with my head. I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Monica Synder of Rockland

“I feel what you’re seeing there is two different segments of the unrest in Washington and I think a lot of people just went there for peaceful protest and some people went there to cause trouble,” said Paul Greene.

“I said to my wife, this is going to be a historic event. This is a defining point in America,” said Mark Wellman, a Bangor native.

Wellman was there in D.C. for the *Stop the Steal* protest that brought thousands of Trump supporters together in the nation’s captial.

“I felt really good there. And I left feeling good. It wasn’t until I found out about this chaos inside. It was no one’s game plan that I heard,” said Wellman.

Wellman says he had a different experience from the one that was seen on live tv that day.

“We were engaged in our protest in fraud in the election. I didn’t see any violence. Matter of fact, one of my daughters called me while I was out there in the midst of it all and she’s seeing something on tv about how people broke in, I call them goons, because they ruined it for the rest of us. We were there protesting fraud in the election and they stole the whole thing by going into the capital. I don’t think they were a part of what we were doing. Certainly weren’t part of Stop the Steal Which was the main reason I was there. So. They really spoiled it, as far as I’m concerned. We were having a good time, being heard, making a protest. And that’s by far the majority. There’s a lot of conspiracy. I’ve heard a lot of different things I better not say because it’s hard to know the truth now. But I do believe this is contrived. This is not the kind of stuff that you’ve ever seen with the people who go to Trump rallies or get involved in these sort of conservative moments. I don’t think it was led by that at all. I think it was setup,” said Wellman.

One thing most everyone said they are hopeful for is unity.

“If people can just come together more so we can all be one again. I just really feels like we’re 50/50 with people in their beliefs so if we could have people come together as one that would be really good,” said Haskell.

“People should stop being so biased and so stuck on their own opinions that they completely disregard everybody else’s opinions and I believe everyone is a human whether you’re a Republican or democrat, you have basic human rights and you are allowed to have your own opinion,” said Sheppard.

“Not a lot of people can stand outside and say what they have to say and have their opinions because other people have to judge them. I feel like if we all come to an agreement that we all have our opinions and move on this whole world would be more peaceful,” said Synder.

“I think if there’s anything that we can do from here to the future is to unite as a country and the only way we can do that is to start talking and start working together and I don’t see a lot of that. I see a lot of division and now is the time to start coming together and I think it’s incredibly sad that the very capital that unifies or should unify us as Americans was attacked,” said Daniels.

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