Snack producer in Waterville moving to larger facility in Winslow

Maine Crisp Co.
Crisps being sorted
Crisps being sorted
Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 5:17 PM EST
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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Like many businesses, the Maine Crisp Company had big plans for 2020.

“San Francisco, New York City. All these cheese shows, gluten free expos... everything was cancelled.”

Co-founders Steve and Karen Getz started the Maine Crisp Company in their kitchen back in 2014 and quickly grew.

“We started ordering more ingredients and things started taking over the house.”

They expanded to a space on Railroad Square in Waterville and hired additional employees to make the Aroostook county buckwheat-based gluten-free snacks.

“These are actually loaves of bread and then you slice them and re-bake them and they’re loaded with nuts and seeds and dried fruit.” says Karen.

Despite the setbacks of the pandemic, they are planning to move to a larger facility in May.

“We had to regroup, re-strategize the business.” says Steve. “We found some additional investors and we’re moving forward.”

The move marks a major upgrade in manufacturing space. Going from just 2,500 square feet in Waterville to 17,000 just over the river in Winslow.

Their daughters Claire and Rachel are also part of the business, Managing the production floor and marketing respectively. They’re all looking

“Proper venting from the ovens is going to be great. The other thing is the crisps need a really dry environment so we try to keep this place between 20 and 30% humidity. Which is pretty difficult without environmental controls.”

Their daughters Claire and Rachel are also part of the business, Managing the production floor and marketing for the crisps. Claire says even after six year, the crisps are still tasty.

“We love them too, even on the holidays we can’t help but talk about a batch like ‘oh these 929s are amazing’ as we’re sitting around Thanksgiving eating cheese and crisps.”

The move could potentially more than double their 10 person workforce.

“With our commitment to buying from Maine farmers to producing here and providing good jobs and skills it’s really very satisfying.”

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself as well like this is really it. But each time I go in a store and see a crisp on a shelf I just feel like this proud mama.”

You can find Maine Crisp Co. products in Maine Hannaford stores, Whole Foods, a variety of specialty shops, and online.

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