Brownville’s Food Pantry for Deer in need of help

Donations slow this year.
Brownville's Food Pantry for Deer in need of donations.
Brownville's Food Pantry for Deer in need of donations.(AP)
Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 1:28 PM EST
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BROWNVILLE, Maine (WABI) - A non-profit organization in Brownville that’s become a bit of an international sensation could use some help to keep it that way.

This is Brownville’s Food Pantry for Deer.

They supplement the diets of their local four legged friends to help them get through winter.

Their YouTube page has six channels with more than 40,000 followers.

The manager of the pantry says they have followers from 118 countries and reach more than 100,000 people a day.

But, they rely on donations to pay for the grain that comes from Lee, Maine, and those have been slow to come in this year.

“This has been going on for decades in this town, and Brownville junction hopefully we can get enough money to keep this going and feed the deer every winter for decades to come,” said manager Richard McMahon.

If you would like help them with a donation, here is a link to their Facebook page with all their information.

Also, here’s a link to check out those deer on YouTube.

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