“Famous” Seamus Colby raises $4,500 in one year for Hancock County SPCA

Published: Dec. 31, 2020 at 7:48 PM EST
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BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - Last New Years Eve, Seamus Colby of Bar Harbor turned seven years old, and decided that instead of presents at his birthday party, he wanted people to bring something that could be donated to the SPCA of Hancock County. Thursday was Seamus’s eighth birthday, and in that year he’s raised $4,500 to help area animals in need of homes.

How does a seven year old raise nearly 5-thousand dollars in twelve months for an animal shelter?

“I’ve done bake sales, raffles, clink-drives and a ton more,” Seamus said.

Seamus Colby raises all that money because he loves animals. It’s that simple.

“Most seven year olds want to play video games and go play in the dirt,” said Seamus’s mom Winter. “He’d rather go hug a dog and read a book to a cat.”

And he has a pretty good grasp on how much money $4,500 really is.

“Enough to buy two Playstation 5s.”

He also loves superheroes.

“I think my favorite one is batman,” said Seamus. “My second is Superman, and third Bizzaro.”

In way, Seamus is a superhero himself.

“I think he’s a total superhero,” said Cole Mastroserio, the Communications Assistant at the SPCA of Hancock County. “He’s a superhero to the animals at the SPCA for sure.”

It’s easy to see why the community has responded to Seamus’s fundraising efforts for the SPCA, and answered the call when he’s asked them for help. This now eight year old kid has made raising thousands of dollars for sheltered animals look easy, in a year that’s been so difficult for so many.

“I think he’s amazing,” Winter said. “I am so proud, I mean… to think that he cares that much. It’s his goal, it’s his mission, and it’s amazing to me he has that much love.”

“I think he gives us hope,” added Mastroserio. “It’s been such a hard year too, and we see this kid who is our future generation, and what he’s doing with his time is to just help.”

You haven’t heard the last of Seamus. There are more fundraising ideas already planned for the future.

A heroes work is never done.

“Always be kind to animals,” Seamus said. “And if there are any animals that are on the way, I will help them!”

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