Benton’s Rood earned Maine big game grand slam this fall

She got her first moose and first buck to do it.
Benton's Rood earned Maine big game grand slam this fall with her first buck, first moose
Benton's Rood earned Maine big game grand slam this fall with her first buck, first moose
Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 8:05 PM EST
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BENTON, Maine (WABI) -When you’re the daughter of a moose and black bear guide, hunting is more than in your blood, it’s your life. For Benton’s Cassidy Rood, her final year of junior hunting proved to be a grand one with her dad.

“A hunter is a hunter,” says Benton hunter Cassidy Rood, “all the same.”

From a very young age, Cassidy Rood learned how to hunt better than most.

“I’ve always been around hunting since the day I was born and it kind of just evolved,” says Cassidy, “into my system. Like oh this is what we do.”

Following her dad, who guides bear and moose hunts, near Rockwood.

“It’s quite an honor. I love it,” says Cassidy’s father Eric, “She loves it. We’ve had bear cubs scream at us. We watched owls land next to us in a tree stand. Having her tag along is the best part.”

Years of junior hunting culminated in a chance for a grand slam when she was picked for a moose permit.

“Some people wait 40 years for a moose permit and can’t get it,” says Eric.

Cassidy had already got her turkey in central Maine and a nice black bear up in Rockwood. Those are things she had done before.

But the Moose was new and after months of scouting back roads north of Rockwood...

“It was 150 yard shot in a chopping,” says Cassidy.

“Then the work began,” says Eric.

“Yeah getting him out was the hardest part. 700 (pounds),” says Cassidy.

“36 inch spread,” says Eric, “Great bull.”

A great moment but she wasn’t done yet. Cassidy closed the deer season early with her first buck.

“Kind of the same feeling for both of them,” says Cassidy, “I mean a deer is a deer. A buck is a little more gutwrenching because it is like oh I don’t want to miss this.”

Not only her first buck but a Maine “Big Game Grand Slam”.

“There’s people who have been hunting for like 40 years who haven’t done what I did,” says Cassidy, “and to be 16 and do it is pretty, pretty good.”

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