Family influence the reason behind a Bangor city councilor’s urge to donate blood

Clare Davitt along with her parents and brother.
Clare Davitt along with her parents and brother.(WABI)
Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 4:55 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - WABI TV5 is asking for your help to reach our goal of 500 donations of life-saving blood during the month of December.

We’ve still got quite a way to go.

Bangor City Councilor Clare Davitt took time to donate last week. She says giving blood is in *her* blood.

Clare Davitt’s first knowledge of blood donation is personal. She says, “I’m adopted. My parents had a daughter who died when she was nine and I was one. She had cystic fibrosis which kids with CF require a lot of blood transfusions.”

Her sister’s disorder was a major impact on Davitt’s blood donor story.

But the influence didn’t stop there.

Next was her mother. Davitt says, “She was a Neonatologist. So, she dealt with saving preemies here at Eastern Maine.” She saw the work her mother did and the consumption of blood it took to keep some of these babies alive.

Another person of clout, Davitt’s father. “Dad always donated. I don’t know how many gallons he gave over his life but that was like clockwork,” she says.

Through her family, Davitt learned the importance of being a donor. She says, “When I turned 18 it was like, I get to register to vote and I can start giving blood.”

Like many, life and adventures got in the way of Davitt’s regular donations, but a more recent development caused her to start rolling up her sleeve again.

Davitt says, “I just learned that I have a friend who gets blood transfusions constantly as well. So, that really brought it home directly right now.”

She says that even if you don’t have a direct linkage to a blood donor story, the pandemic is a great reason to give, “If people can donate, I so strongly suggest and ask them to do that because we need it and it is a way to feel part of things and that you’re doing something. It’s an hour out of your day and it’s saving lives.”

If you’d like to donate blood, you can make an appointment at one of many local blood drives.

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