Newport woman leaves out hats, mittens, and scarves for community

Published: Dec. 8, 2020 at 4:05 PM EST
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NEWPORT, Maine (WABI) - A Newport woman has set out to help keep her community warm this winter - with the help of a clothes line.

The first day we put it up we had people taking pictures of our sign.”

Pam Newcomb had been working from home for months when she realized she had a lot of extra hats, mittens, and scarves lying around. She makes them as a hobby.

“We had some extras and during the virus we know that there’s a lot of people in need. I decided to hang up a line and I contacted some friends and family. They’ve all contributed.”

Rather than just putting them in a bin she opted to hang all the warm weather gear on clotheslines.

“I wanted it to look a little Christmassy, you know? And I thought maybe if it was more visible people wouldn’t have to rummage through things they could just see it and come and pick it up.”

Images of her “giving line” at 17 High street were shared around on Facebook and helped get the word out.

“If I have the means to give somebody a pair of mittens or a hat to keep warm I’m glad to do it.”

She says at least 200 items have been taken, and that doesn’t count items she didn’t see that were donated by others.

“We put up between 20 and 50 things every day.”

Mittens seem to be the most popular item.

“As soon as we hang them out they’re gone. If somebody wants to hang new or gently used cleaned items, feel free if there’s an empty clothespin or bring your own.”

Or better yet, Newcomb suggests starting something similar in your own community.

“In small communities like this it’s all about the neighbors sticking together.”

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