New York family says Bangor community is their reason for investing

The Davidsons have purchase the historic building at 2 Hammond Street with plans to renovate into apartments
The building has been bought by New York-based development group.
The building has been bought by New York-based development group.(WABI)
Published: Dec. 1, 2020 at 6:41 PM EST
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A New York-based family associated with real estate development recently purchased the historic building at 2 Hammond Street in Bangor. Their decision to buy in Bangor was much more personal than financial.

”We’ve spent basically every summer of our lives in Vinalhaven, Maine,” says Eliza Davidson.

The Davidsons were spending time there this August when their mother suffered a serious medical emergency. “We were there in Bangor, all three of us and our dad for a month, and the doctors at Northern Light saved our mom’s life,” she says.

The Davidsons say the expertise of the medical staff at Northern Light Health was astounding.

But the compassion of those at the hospital isn’t the only thing that made the Davidsons fall in love with the area. Eliza Davidson says, “From the hotel that we were staying in, to all of the restaurants that we would eat in every night, Paddy’s Bar, all the places were really amazing. Even though it was a very challenging time in our personal lives, the people of Bangor couldn’t have been more welcoming, more compassionate and more kind. So, we’re just so thankful for everyone in Maine.”

After discovering a welcoming, vibrant and caring community, the Davidsons knew they wanted to invest in Bangor’s future. “It was the historic district and the downtown feel that really convinced us that not just was Bangor a special place but actually the neighborhood and specifically this building was a very special building,” says Dash Davidson.

Built in 1912, it was first the site of Merrill Bank. From 1999 to 2015, it was home to the Senior Center. A few years ago, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce began renting space on the bottom floor, and the building was listed for sale this January for a little over half a million dollars.

“We’re going to add four apartments to the second and third floor, so eight total apartments,” says Dash Davidson. The Chamber will remain the first floor tenants. He says, “We have kind of maybe a phase two idea potentially adding some retail space in kind of the half basement in the back. It could be pretty exciting. That’s more to come.”

The Davidsons are working with local First National Bank and WBRC architects on the project. Dash Davidson says, “We have the dream team assembled which is important for us because obviously we aren’t local but we really trust everyone there and the team we’ve picked to execute the project.”

Renovation work has already begun at the building.

“It says a lot that we felt this connection to downtown Bangor outside of our familial problems during the pandemic. We felt this sense of community even during, no indoor dining, everyone was out in the square. It was great and we’re very excited to see what Bangor is like beyond the pandemic when the concert venue is open and there’s people walking around,” says Gideon Davidson.

Dash Davidson says, “We’re excited to open this building up more to the community than it has been. As we’re going through the construction process we’re excited to have events where people can actually come see the building outside of just the chamber office. We’re excited to be active participants in the community.”

The siblings expect the process to take a little over a year. “We’re excited to continue with the design plans and kind of see what we can add to the downtown renaissance of Bangor,” says Dash Davidson.

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