Thomas College to offer new courses in business and technology in 2021

The Waterville school hopes to meet the growing needs in the state.
Thomas College
Thomas College
Published: Nov. 19, 2020 at 6:37 PM EST
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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - New courses in business and technology are coming to Thomas College next year.

The school hopes to meet the growing needs in the state.

“Those digital platforms really are the currency for most everyone’s career whether you’re in education or in business. To be able to actually use them and be literate in them and highly effective really is going to be the pathway for all success in I think everyone’s career moving forward,” said Mike Duguay, executive director of the Harold Alfond Institute for Business Administration.

Starting in the Fall of 2021 Thomas College will begin offering various digital media programs as well as a business analytics major in order to make their students more marketable in the state of Maine and in the growing workforce.

“We came to the decision to offer this by looking at the economy in Maine. We have data analytics and data science, what business analytics does is it fills the gap of that communication part,” said Chair of the Business School Donald Cragen.

Sophomore Anna Chadwick is excited about the opportunity to pursue these new classes as the world shifts to a digital era.

“I would love to do graphic design or something along those lined within the fashion industry I think that would be really fun,” said Chadwick.

In addition to these undergraduate courses, Thomas College will also add certificate programs in human resources, project management and cybersecurity.

“Down the road I want to be a head coach and an athletic director and move into administration and do that stuff so i think its awesome that i don’t have to go all the way back to school to receive just a concentration in HR,” said alumna Cassandra Contigiani.

These programs are made possible by the 13.5 million dollar grant from the Harold Alfond Foundation.

Administrators say these courses are critical in the development of homegrown talent right here in the state of Maine.

“We’ll be replacing those people in the workforce with the next generation of employees and many of which will come from Thomas College,” said Duguay.

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