Jackson 15-year-old earns Maine hunting grand slam this fall with help from his family

Jarad Whitney gets his bear, moose, deer and turkey all this fall.
Jackson 15-year-old earns Maine hunting grand slam this fall with help from his family
Jackson 15-year-old earns Maine hunting grand slam this fall with help from his family
Published: Nov. 16, 2020 at 7:36 PM EST
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MORRILL, Maine (WABI) - Viewer discretion for this story. The Maine hunting grand slam is taking one moose, deer, black bear, and turkey. Many hunters hope to do it in a lifetime. A 15-year-old junior hunter from Jackson did it this fall. Hunting side-by-side with grandpa.

“He brought me out since I was six,” says junior hunter Jarad Whitney, “We would sit in the blind and from then on I was hooked on hunting.”

“My dad taught us about the woods, and the outdoors, and we owe it all to him,” says Jarad’s grandfather Howard Whitney, “My dad would be ecstatic to know that what he taught me, is now going to my grandson.”

The bear and moose both were taken in “The County”. The bear came quick near Ashland.

“The first day,” says Jarad, “we had to listened to it for over an hour eating the food down there. I couldn’t get a shot because it was not legal time. Once legal time came, I got my sights on it, and it was a decent size Bear.”

The moose draw took 20 years for the family and the hunt was long too.

“Started in saying well this could be quick, it could be over Monday morning in five minutes,” says Howard, “Or…”

They thought it might be lost, but his aunt’s eagle eye saved the mission.

“We were driving down the road and she yelled there’s a bull with small horns,” says Jarad, “So we jumped out and me and my papa ran down there and I got a shot on it. We ran down there and then I got a finishing shot. And yeah, after that, it was kind of just overwhelming.”

The deer came at their deer camp in Morrill. Papa called it.

“I was sitting there complaining like I wanna go inside it’s cold,” says Jarad, “He looked at me and said this is when the big bucks come in. Right in that trail right there. I was like, really right there? Five minutes later it walks right where he said it would.”

The biggest struggle came with the turkey. But thanks to a friend with a farm.

“I snuck up right on it and this thing poked his head out from behind the bank, saw me, and darted for the woods,” says Jarad, “I had to chase after it and get a quick shot.”

The grand slam...

“I screamed out and me and my papa both hugged each other because we are both extremely happy,” says Jarad.

...earned with plenty of help from his family.

“I couldn’t do this without them,” says Jarad, “they started me on it in and I love them for that.”

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