UMaine student-athletes hold walks for causes to promote voting

Equality, peace and justice for all the main themes of the walks
UMaine student-athletes hold walks for causes to promote voting
UMaine student-athletes hold walks for causes to promote voting
Published: Nov. 3, 2020 at 7:28 PM EST
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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - UMaine student-athletes united in a push to vote this year. Many finding personal values to either go to the polls or vote absentee. They held walks on campus today to spread the word of why all UMaine students, and staff, should vote as well.

“There’s a lot going on in America no matter where you stand on politics,” says UMaine women’s basketball player Gadson Lefft, “Nobody walked at the same time, not everybody’s working for the same thing, but you know I think it’s so important. We walked with softball, men’s ice hockey and they all had different reasons to walk.”

Walks for equality, peace, and justice. All reasons to get out and vote. UMaine Field hockey team chose to walk to end the stigma for mental healthcare.

“We wanted to make sure that our society knows that mental health is a disease and not a choice,” says UMaine field hockey player Chloe Walton.

“We’re hoping when people see our signs that they can be a resource for people that they know,” says Dexter graduate and UMaine field hockey player Abby Webber, “Hopefully it will be like a good reminder to just reach out to people around you and make sure everyone’s doing all right.”

Demonstrating their perspectives and hoping to make a change in areas they feel our country is lacking in.

“We are all people, we are all human beings. The people who are in front of me now makes no difference to me. I see you and treat you with respect no different than anybody else in front of me,” says UMaine football player Deshawn Stevens, “I feel like everybody’s doing their part right now creating as much change for what they believe in.”

A Black Bear nation-wide push to vote.

“We have a large population of young people,” says Old Town graduate and UMaine field hockey player Brooke Sulinski, “Give them resources and help them register if they need to. Because a lot of people aren’t from around here. So they might just not vote because it’s more difficult.”

“I know our coaches did a good job of making sure people were registered, whether it’s here in Maine or back in their home states,” says Stevens, “and just doing their part.”

Voting for candidates they hope will represent their beliefs.

“There’s only so many years that you can do this. There’s only so many times where it’s appropriate I think to really represent how you’re feeling,” says Lefft, “I think now is the time, and today is the right day. Awesome that it can happen here.”

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