Nokomis senior soccer captain Kurt returns to play months after brain surgery to remove tumor, treatments

Donovan Kurt is inspiring communities, teammates by returning to action
Donovan returns to play months after brain surgery to remove tumor, treatments
Donovan returns to play months after brain surgery to remove tumor, treatments
Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 8:52 PM EDT
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HARTLAND, Maine (WABI) - Fall sports has made life more normal for high school athletes. Kids making the most of opportunities they’ve been given. It’s something Nokomis senior boys soccer captain Donovan Kurt knows better than most...

“In March, I had a brain tumor and they ended up removing it and it’s been a long process,” says Nokomis senior soccer captain Donovan Kurt, “but I am back and I am healthy.”

The community support felt all the way to Boston.

“Had radiation done in Boston as well for six weeks. That I was down in Boston, that was the sendoff party,” says Kurt, “But this community has been by my side throughout the whole thing. It’s just been awesome.”

It was many central Maine communities that stepped up support Donovan.

“We play club together as well, Central Maine United in Waterville. That whole club has been there for him the whole time too. Gary Walker, he was there. I mean this hasn’t just been the Newport community it’s been everybody around,” says teammate and longtime friend Ryan Bell, “Everybody through soccer, basketball, people just know him through school, it’s been great to see just all the support for him.”

Now six months after brain surgery, and six weeks of radiation, number two returned to action.

“About a month ago I was cleared by my surgeon and it is been great getting back here,” Donovan says, “I have been doing a lot of extra stuff throughout. Even though I wasn’t clear just to get my foot skills up. Even though I wasn’t getting into games. But getting into games has been great.”

Back on the field, still facing chemotherapy treatments.

“For me, sports are everything,” says Kurt, “And just having that something to look forward to kept pushing me to do what I need to do every day to get there.”

An inspiration to all.

“It’s a lot to take in” says Bell, “But, I am happier than ever to see him healthy and back on the field and playing with us again.”

“I was shocked when he said he was cleared to play,” says Nokomis head coach Mike Umbrianna, “But, so happy to have him with us.”

And through it all, still a high school kid eager to play and compete.

“I do feel like myself," says Kurt, "I can’t see much about our record, but I do feel like myself playing out there.”

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