Lincoln woman looking for answers after mother’s headstone goes missing

Susan French wants to know who took the memory of her mom and why.
Lincoln woman looks for answers after mother's headstone goes missing
Lincoln woman looks for answers after mother's headstone goes missing(WABI)
Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 6:59 PM EDT
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LINCOLN, Maine (WABI) - A Lincoln woman is looking for answers after discovering someone stole her mother’s headstone.

We spoke to Susan French earlier on Friday.

She wants to know who took the memory of her mom and why.

Susan French is in utter disbelief.

For 15 years she’s been able to come to visit her mother’s grave here at the Park Street Cemetery in Lincoln. Earlier this week she got a call from a friend who said the headstone had vanished.

“You can see there are pry marks where they took the stone out," Susan French, said.

She doesn’t have a picture of it because she thought it would always be right there. She added, “It probably weighed two to three hundred pounds so it probably wasn’t one person that did it. It must have been more than one.”

A cardinal and baby bird on a branch, along with a verse from Corinthians, are carved in the double headstone for Mary June Ireland and her husband, Earl Ireland.

“It reminded us of her and she always enjoyed watching the birds and she was very faithful in her religion and the Bible verse was something that depicted her so it’s just kind of baffling why somebody would take this particular stone," French added.

French says it appears her mother’s memorial is the only one in the entire cemetery that’s gone.

She explained, “If it was a Halloween prank you would think they would take an older one not a newer one. It doesn’t make sense that someone would go to such great lengths to take the stone and the mount. It’s just is kind of mind-blowing that somebody would do that.”

The company that made the headstone for them has since gone out of business.

French says while it cost about a couple thousand dollars, to begin with, something like this is truly priceless and she hopes she gets answers.

“Sad, and if someone took it and destroyed it, that’s even sadder," She said.

Susan French contacted town officials who oversee the cemetery, as well as police.

She hopes someone will come forward with any information.

Some of our viewers sent in a picture of the headstone found on

You can see it by clicking here.

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