Bar Harbor prepares for safe trick or treating on Ledgelawn Avenue

Bar Harbor preps Ledgelawn Ave
Bar Harbor preps Ledgelawn Ave(Owen Kingsley)
Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 4:34 PM EDT
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BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - With many neighborhoods opting out of traditional Halloween activities, one street in Bar Harbor is getting creative, in an effort to keep the holiday safe.

“Well on a typical Halloween we close it off to vehicular traffic and then people just run amuck like a half mile long block party," said Nina Barufaldi-St. Germain, Bar Harbor’s Covid Resource Officer.

Trick or treating on Ledgelawn Avenue is a tradition and this year it comes with a twist.

“And so this year it will still be closed off to vehicular traffic but we will have dividing cones that go up and down the street," said Barufaldi-St. Germain.

With help from Police officers and volunteers, they’re planning for trick or treaters to follow the normal flow of traffic.

“So the idea is everybody just sticks to the right," said Barufaldi-St. Germain.

To help make Halloween just a little bit safer, the town is giving folks PVC pipes. You just slide the candy down the chute to help encourage social distancing.

“That way kids aren’t reaching into the bowl, taking out what’s there’s and spreading germs that way," said Barufaldi-St. Germain.

The town says their plan has been approved by the Maine CDC.

And the majority of the neighborhood is on board.

“If they do what they’re suggesting in terms of controlling traffic and these tubes. I think it’ll be fine. Well the reason we started this whole pedestrian only was because the kids would run out in the street. But I think now, having the kids come down one way will definitely stop that crazy back and forth," said Kate and Rob Jordan.

Some residents though remain skeptical that this plan will work as intended.

“But this one way in and one way out at each house, that isn’t going to work. They’ll all come crowding you to the door step. I don’t see it being any different then it has in years past," said George Lambert.

Bar Harbor is asking only island residents make their way to Ledgelawn Ave this year to limit the trick or treating crowd.

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