CAA football announces spring schedule plan, Maine football working hard to be ready

CAA football announces spring schedule plan, Maine football working hard to be ready
CAA football announces spring schedule plan, Maine football working hard to be ready
Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 9:53 PM EDT
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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Black Bear football is hard at work. Despite no fall season, they will be ready for the spring. It’s a very different year for everyone and UMaine is doing the best they can under the circumstances...

“Right now we would be in the season and that means in the cycle,” says UMaine linebacker Deshawn Stevens, “You know coming in every morning for meetings, then coming out to the field, worrying about study hall or classes in that type of stuff. Then I’d say we’re doing a great job with the adjustments we’ve made so far.”

“Going through every obstacle that comes to us like wearing a mask on the field, wearing the mask in the workouts,” says UMaine linebacker Adrian Otero, “Even in the new facility with no more laddie we’ve been in the field house all the time.”

Back to tackle football practice next week and then official practice starts on October 12th.

“We can really get back into football,” says Otero, “You know start getting used to the playbook and all that.”

None more excited to practice than star linebacker Deshawn Stevens. He ruptured his Achilles in the first game of last season.

“It’s helped me you know find more spirit, more enjoyment, more energy, and more strength in my own ability,” says Stevens, “And being out here again is just a blessing. It feels great, even better than I was before running around here.”

UMaine’s CAA football conference announced a 6-game conference schedule, with north-south divisions, for the spring.

“We are excited that we have a schedule,” says UMaine head coach Nick Charlton, “That’s the biggest thing that we have a schedule and we have an opportunity to play football down the line.”

“We are all here for one reason only, and that is to play football,” says Otero, “We all want to play, we all love the game, and just knowing that we’re going to be able to play in the spring is blessed.”

The (CAA) team with the best overall record will be the conference automatic qualifier for the NCAA FCS tournament.

“There needs to be a championship. To have the opportunity to play for CAA title and also to have national playoffs is really important in this program,” says Charlton, “And also what we are trying to get done and where we are trying to go.”

“That’s the biggest sigh of relief,” says Stevens, “basically knowing there is something we actually can look forward to. Still willing, with everything going on around us, that we still have something to be optimistic about.”

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