Brewer football holds NFL style combine with the help of Maine Athletic Health Center

Brewer High Football being put to the test today.
Brewer High Football being put to the test today.
Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 11:53 PM EDT
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BREWER, Maine (WABI) - Brewer high football being put to the test today by the Maine Athletic Health Center. An NFL style combine.

“There are other people and places that I’ve done this for athletes, but typically they don’t do it for a whole teams,” says Maine Athletic Health Center’s Patrick Healy, “They do it for the elite players and the people who want to go to an event like this. So, we kind of came of this idea football season got canceled and so how can we help them complete? Give them something fun to do that kind of salvage some of the season a little bit.”

“It kind of puts them on a platform for them to kind of be able to see where they stand against their peers,” says Maine Athletic Health Center’s Ben Pushard, “Show their capabilities to their coaches into the community.”

Running drills like the 40-yard dash, bench press, and vertical jump testing the Brewer football players abilities.

“It’s really exciting to get here and do all this,” says Brewer junior Caleb Thibodeau, “It gives us something to do waiting for spring football to come around.”

“Really competitive with all their skill players,” says Brewer junior running back Logan Levensalor, “not sure about the linemen.”

Not all about being the biggest, or strongest on the team, but doing the best they can do.

“It doesn’t mean a lot individually but it’s going to come in to play when we’re all playing together,” says Levensalor, “But you got to play as one he can’t just be a hotshot.”

“It puts a little chip on your shoulder probably,” says Thibodeau, “but just really go out there and just compete and have fun.”

Maine Athletic Health Center plans to do this for many different sports, over a number of years, to showcase athlete improvement.

“Be able to document this and record it,” says Pushard, “and we can track it and do it multiple years so every year we can do this annually.”

“It does help give them benchmarks to shoot for and it’s all digital,” says Healy, “We’re not using a stopwatch, as we are using laser timing systems to do it, to capture speeds. So, it’s not like it’ll change year-to-year, or a person to person, taking the measurement.”

The witches are just happy to have football activities again.

“It’s way more fun then what I thought it was gonna be coming into the season there was some doubt,” says Levensalor, “But once we actually started to get going, it was actually really enjoyable.”

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