First trial in Maine since pandemic began starts in Bangor

Gavel on sounding block
Gavel on sounding block(Source: Gray News)
Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 5:08 PM EDT
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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The first jury trial since the pandemic began in March started in Bangor today.

40-year-old Carine Reeves of New York is charged with murdering 55-year-old Sally Shaw in Cherryfield more than three years ago.

After waiting four months for a rescheduled trial, Shaw’s family was at the courthouse seeking justice.

New to the judge’s jury instructions were guidelines put in place to protect everyone’s health and safety amidst the coronavirus pandemic, “It is important that our masks do at all times cover our nose and our mouth.”

After a reminder to sanitize often, prosecutors began opening statements. “Carine Reeves left Sally’s body on the side of a dark road in Washington County. Sally Shaw, a sister, a friend, a mother, a grandmother was 55 years old,” said Asst. Attorney General Megan Elam.

The prosecution told the jury that after an afternoon of drinking on July 18th, 2017, Shaw was driving her boyfriend, Reeves and another girl, Quaneysha Greeley to Bangor. They say she became too intoxicated to drive and switched seats with Reeves.

“From the backseat Sally began trash talking about the mother of Reeves' child. Reeves became more and more irritated but Sally persisted,” said Elam.

The state says based off testimony from Greeley, Reeves pulled Shaw out of the car and struck her in the head with a gun. Elam said, “Reeves then said, ‘I’m going to do it.’ Reeves then aimed his gun at Sally’s head and shot her.”

Elam told the jury when they are done would have no doubt that Reeves is the killer.

Greeley says she was dating Reeves at the time Shaw was murdered. She pleaded guilty to hindering the apprehension of Reeves in 2018. The murder charge she faced was dismissed.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury you are not going to like Carine Reeves. Carine Reeves was involved in drugs. He and Sally Shaw sold drugs throughout Maine. They made a lot of money doing so. But, Carine Reeves is not a murderer,” said Defense Attorney Jack Baldacci.

Prosecutors say Greeley’s testimony is not reliable and will cast reasonable doubt on the guilt of Reeves.

The first witness to take the stand is Shaw’s daughter. She is one of Shaw’s three children.

Prosecution began questioning her about when her mother introduced her to Carine Reeves.

She used his nickname “Terror” which a judge, last week ordered unusable during trial. Defense Attorney Steve Smith asked for a mistrial.

After pulling individual jurors, the judge denied that motion allowing the trial to continue.

Other witnesses took the stand like the two individuals who found Shaw’s body. One of the men said he covered her body with a blanket. When prosecution asked him why he did that, he responded, “Because I thought it was the proper thing to do.”

Shaw’s children were in a separate room watching the trial via video. They were emotional as photos her body were admitted into evidence. They say after three years of waiting for justice, they’re relieved the trial is finally here.

Attorney’s say they expect the trial to last for two weeks.

But jury selection took longer than usual due to coronavirus restrictions and it’s likely the trial could take longer too.

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