Brewer boys basketball coach fighting wildfires in California

Brewer boys basketball coach fighting wildfires in California
Brewer boys basketball coach fighting wildfires in California
Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 9:20 PM EDT
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RED SALMON COMPLEX FIRE, CA (WABI) - Ben Goodwin is the Brewer varsity boys basketball coach during the winter months. But, right now, he’s coaching and working in his other uniform. Goodwin works for the Maine Forest Rangers. They are in California fighting the wildfires.

“Came out on an engine to help out in northern California. Red Salmon complex. We’re almost at 100 thousand acre fire,” says Brewer head boys basketball coach Ben Goodwin, “We are doing some firing up in the woods, to try to put in some check lines, to hold the fire before it gets to the fire. The biggest thing out here is they don’t have enough resources to fight all these fires. That’s why we’re out here.”

Calling in the Maine Forest Rangers because the terrain is just like the great Maine woods.

“I’m on the ground on this one, so a lot of hiking, pretty rugged ground up in here. Up and down the mountains a bit,” says Goodwin, “Right now it’s chopped in here. We saw the sun for the first time in 10 days the other day, because there has been so much smoke.”

For the brewer boys basketball coach its living proof of a point he drives home to his players.

“I think it translates great. I try to help my young men I coach understand what they are learning now in high school,” says Goodwin, “Being part of a team, how it makes a difference they can use in the real world when the time comes.”

The wildfires are giving Goodwin a chance to work on coaching before the season.

“Out here, in the position I’m in, I’m like a coach,” Goodwin says, “I got 6,8, 10 guys working for me. I get a call from my supervisor and I coach those guys on what they should be doing out there. I’m in a leadership role now. I continue to work on my leadership qualities and I think that helps me as a coach also.”


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