Biker Group Holds Parade For Retirement Community Amid Complaints of Honking

Nearby locals say the noise has become to much and want it to stop.
Published: Sep. 19, 2020 at 2:54 PM EDT
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Bike Parade
Bike Parade(WABI)

A group of bikers gathered in Searsport today for a parade to show support for a local retirement community

Bayview Manor, home to elderly residents has become the talk of the town since the COVID pandemic began in March for something rather harmless.

Bayview folks enjoy the traffic that passes them by on route 1 so much, that they waive to everyone coming through, and hope for a honk in return.

The controversy lies in the neighborhood. Nearby locals say the noise has become to much and want it to stop.

Insert The Chrome Angelz, who are involved with the retirement facility in various ways. The group heard about the complaints and wanted to express their feelings on the situation.

Jessica LeSuer the president of the group spoke with us on their involvement with the Manor.

“Our relationship with Bayview Manor actually started last December and we adopted the residents who have no one. No family, no friends, no visitors, nothing and the residents were so excited to have us there.”

The parade lasted only a few moments but their was plenty of honking which made the residents very happy.

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