MPA announces COVID-19 guidelines for high school fall sports

MPA Announces COVID-19 guidelines for high school fall sports
MPA Announces COVID-19 guidelines for high school fall sports
Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 9:32 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - The Maine Principal’s Association and the state jointly announcing guidelines for fall sports. Ultimately, they all maintain each school district should decide if they can uphold the new guidelines for safe play or not.

Football will be allowed to play 7 on 7 touch in the fall. Volleyball is outdoor only for the fall. Both will intend to hold full seasons in the spring. No eligibility is lost for participating in fall.

Soccer modifications held up from MPA guidelines like no slide tackling, there will be no drop balls, and limited corners and throw ins with only 5 players from each side plus the goalie allowed in the box.

Field hockey, cross country, golf and sideline cheering are all a go. As long as they stay local to reduce travel.

Types of play broken down into 6 levels. Level four is the current level. It is acceptable to hold games in close geographic areas. The next level would be against different geographic areas in Maine. So under those guidelines, no state playoffs could be held.

Only 100 people may be present at games. This includes coaches, players for both teams, and officials. It applies to all sports. No sports of any kind may be held indoors.

For an overview of general recommendations CLICK HERE

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